H&K Meaning in Chat or Text Messages Online

H&K Meaning in Chat or Text Messages Online

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What Does This Mean in Texting?

H&KHugs & kisses
H&K is a common internet slang used to express affection and love. It stands for "Hugs & Kisses," and it is usually used in discussion forums, social media, and chatting platforms. The term H&K is often used at the end of a message, message subject or in other manners similar to the signoff "sincerely" at the end of a formal letter.


1. I hope you feel better soon. H&K!

2. Goodnight, love you lots H&K!

3. Thank you for being there for me H&K!

4. Sorry that I couldn't make it to your party, H&K anyway.

5. Congrats on your engagement H&K

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