IEBKAC Meaning in Chat or Text Messages Online

IEBKAC Meaning in Chat or Text Messages Online

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What Does This Mean in Texting?

IEBKACIssue exists between keyboard and chair
IEBKAC is an internet slang that is used to describe a situation where a problem is caused by the user's own mistake or lack of knowledge. It stands for "Issue exists between keyboard and chair". This phrase is often used in technical support or IT settings to describe a problem that is caused by user error rather than a technical issue.

For example, if someone is having trouble accessing a website and they call technical support for help, the support agent might ask if they have tried clearing their cache or cookies. If the user responds with "I don't know how to do that", the support agent might respond with "Ah, I see. Sounds like an IEBKAC issue."

Another example could be if someone is having trouble with their computer and they call a friend for help. If the friend discovers that the problem is caused by the user accidentally unplugging a cable, they might say "Looks like we have an IEBKAC situation here."

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