:-| :-| Meaning in Chat or Text Messages Online

:-| :-| Meaning in Chat or Text Messages Online

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What Does This Mean in Texting?

:-| :-|Deja VU
The internet slang ":-| :-| - Deja VU" is used to express a feeling of repetitiveness or familiarity with a current situation, as if experiencing it before.

The symbol ":-|" means a neutral or indifferent face, and when repeated as ":-| :-|" it implies a sense of boredom or monotony. The addition of "Deja VU" reinforces this sentiment, suggesting a feeling of having already experienced the same thing before.

Example conversation:

Person 1: "I feel like I've been stuck in this same routine forever :("

Person 2: ":-| :-| - Deja VU"


Person 1: "This movie feels so predictable"

Person 2: ":-| :-| -Deja VU, right?"

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