PLEB Meaning in Chat or Text Messages Online

PLEB Meaning in Chat or Text Messages Online

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What Does This Mean in Texting?

PLEBSlang shortening of the word plebeian, the ancient Roman word for commoner. Used to refer to someone who cannot appreciate the finer things in life or the arts.
PLEB is a slang term that is short for the word "plebeian." In ancient Rome, a plebeian was a commoner who did not have the same social status as the aristocracy. In modern times, the term is used to describe someone who is considered to be unsophisticated or lacking in taste. It is often used in online gaming communities to insult players who are not skilled or experienced. For example, if someone is playing a game and makes a mistake, another player might call them a "pleb" to suggest that they are not good at the game.

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