RUMCYMHMD Meaning in Chat or Text Messages Online

RUMCYMHMD Meaning in Chat or Text Messages Online

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What Does This Mean in Texting?

RUMCYMHMDAre You on Medication Cause You Must Have Missed a Dose
RUMCYMHMD is an internet slang used to ask someone if they are on medication because they seem to be acting in an unusual or irrational manner. It is often used in a humorous or sarcastic way to tease someone who is behaving strangely.

Person 1: "I just saw a unicorn in my backyard!"
Person 2: "RUMCYMHMD? That sounds like a hallucination to me."

Another example:
Person 1: "I accidentally put salt in my coffee instead of sugar."
Person 2: "RUMCYMHMD? That's a pretty big mistake to make."

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