SIS,SIG Meaning in Chat or Text Messages Online

SIS,SIG Meaning in Chat or Text Messages Online

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What Does This Mean in Texting?

SIS,SIGSpeech is silver, silence is golden
SIS and SIG are both internet slangs that stand for the phrase "Speech is silver, silence is golden." This phrase means that sometimes it is better to remain quiet than to speak, especially in situations where speaking may cause harm or create unnecessary conflict.

Person 1: "I really want to tell my boss what I think of him, but I don't want to get fired."
Person 2: "Remember, SIS. It's better to keep quiet and keep your job than to speak out and lose it."
Person 1: "I'm so angry at my friend for canceling our plans last minute."
Person 2: "Just let it go. SIG. It's not worth getting upset over."

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